How I plan to save Design Thinking

by Abhimanyu Bhardwaj “I know what’s Design Thinking.”   You probably do. You’ve certainly heard the term “Design Thinking”. You would’ve heard it in passing at a UX conference or from people in black turtlenecks, with macs under their arms, talking about unicorns. In fact, Design Thinking is such a catchphrase now that it has […]

Design Thinking: an enabler for social innovation?

by Marion Baylé Research activity, Hyper Island, Manchester, 2017. Introduction We live in a world which is becoming more and more complex everyday. While globalization made challenges more intertwined with the systems that connect us all, internet and information overload led companies and organizations in an unprecedented battle for attention. At the same time, new […]

THE COLOR RUN: how Design Thinking can give a new meaning to recreational running

by Nereo Lanzoni Is it a competitive race? No. Do you win something? No. It’s for free? No. Is it a charity race? No. What are the secrets of THE COLOR RUN’s success? How did they manage to innovate a traditional activity such as non-competitive running races? Born from an idea by Travis Snyder “The […]

Design Thinking — The Key To Successful Innovation?

by Dr Ileana Stigliani Packaging for a Kodak Ektra 200 camera, produced between 1980 and 1987. Despite its early lead in digital photography, Kodak decided to focus on its existing film camera market – ultimately leading to the company’s obsolescence and bankruptcy. (Photo Illustration by Fred Duval/Getty Images)   In January 2012, former photography giant […]

The Tesla of Bikes Got a Brilliant Idea

by Gijs van Wulfen What do you do when you sell expensive products online, and they arrive at your customers damaged? You have to come up with a brilliant idea. Check it out. Products getting damaged while being shipped, was a real challenge for Dutch bicycle manufacturer VanMoof, ‘the Tesla of Bikes’. They manufacture street bikes […]

Want To Succeed In E-Commerce? Use Design Thinking

by Gigi Kizhakkechethipuzha, Forbes Councils We just can’t help it. We humans are experience driven. Fresh encounters captivate us. Bright, shiny objects lure us like catnip. No wonder “new” remains the most compelling word in marketing, promising something novel. Experiential marketing is not a new idea. Shopping malls and supermarkets have been ramping up their retail […]