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    Invite famous lecturers to provide lectures at our mill, assist our employees to enhance themselves.The intention is to improve and improve the knowledge, abilities, work procedures, work values and attitudes of their workers,In order to produce more professional electronic cigarette case, in order to maximize the capacity to enhance the performance of organizations and individuals, to encourage the constant progress of individuals and organizations, to attain the business and individual growth of.1. Attracting abilities; ventures attach importance to instruction so as to attract abilities to combine, because coaching isn’t just the requirements of business growth, but also the requirements of abilities themselves.2. Cultivate abilities; enterprises can instruct workers to become abilities that accommodate to the evolution of the business through coaching.3. Retaining abilities; coaching is an essential way of keeping skills. Only through constant training, workers can significantly enhance their job skills and private comprehensive attributes, and also make their due contribution to the accelerated development of ventures. .The importance is to educate employees a larger array of different abilities, so the abilities of workers have one ability to numerous abilities, to accommodate changing customer requirements and organizational development needs, use development and training to augment worker recognition of their organization, enhance workers Loyalty, cultivate worker’s customer support consciousness, enhance employee adaptability and flexibility, and empower employees to develop the company.