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    WASHINGTON (Reuters)- Unpublished United StatesS. The diplomatic telegram obtained by WikiLeaks tells the story of an American enterprise giant —the $35-billion Coca-Cola Co. — Two sons of Libyan leader Moammar Gadhafi have been involved in a fierce Brotherhood dispute. Due to problems with a local bottling plant, the conflict between Forrest Gaddafi escalated into a fully armed confrontation, similar to the Hollywood gangster film, a $2006 classified filmS. cable put it. Do you know the movie Godfather? We have been living here for the past few months, \”a businessman involved in the dispute was quoted in the telegram, telling an official from the United StatesS. Diplomatic missions in Tripoli The cable was provided to Reuters by a third party, a bottling plant in Tripoli, which was closed for three months. It was occupied by troops loyal to Mutasim Gaddafi, whose son, Mutasim Gaddafi, was at odds with one of his brothers, Mohammed. ( Another cable from the State Department showed that Gaddafi\’s third son, Sadi- Known for family professional football players- Although no details of his role were given, he may have been involved in the quarrel. ) In the end, the United States diplomatic mission in Tripoli, that is, the United States diplomatic mission at that time. S. There were strong protests against the Libyan government. The document points out that at about the same time, Mohammed Gaddafi, possibly under pressure from his sister, Aisha, a family and family, apparently agreed that the Libyan Olympic Committee, led by him, would be sold to third parties. The Telegraph said that shortly after, the Mutasim people left the Coca-Cola factory and ended the family standoff, but before the factory employees were threatened with personal injury, one of Gaddafi\’s cousins was stuffed into the trunk of the car. U. S. Assets freeze of coca family The cola conflict is one of many stories about endless bickering within the Gaddafi family, which was told in a State Department telegram. Among other things, the incident highlighted the difficulties faced by foreign companies operating in Libya, even in the United States. S. After Moammar Gadhafi decided to abandon his nuclear weapons program at the end of 2003, the United Nations began to reduce sanctions. Spokesman for coca Coca-Cola acknowledged that there was \”some uncertainty\” in the distribution arrangements for Coca-Cola in Libya during the period stated by the telegram \”. But the spokesman said the issue had been \”resolved amicably\” at the end of 2006, and since then, Coca Before the current unrest began, Coca-Cola had been operating normally in Libya. A State Department spokesman said: \”We will refuse to comment on any specific cable TV. The U. S. Radical action has been taken in recent days to freeze the assets of the Gaddafi family. So far, more than $30 billion in assets have been frozen. When Libya was isolated by economic sanctions, workers were threatened and factory materials were destroyed. The supply of Coke is limited to beverages that are bottled at a factory in Tunisia and shipped to Tripoli and Benghazi. After U. S. The international trade embargo in Libya began to ease and the Tripoli factory was established. It was co- Cable called it a British company called ka \’mur– His name means two embargo. The soft age of Libyadrinks — The Libyan Olympic Committee, led by Mohammed Gaddafi. State Department cable television says the embargo after the joint venture was established- Libya bottled Coke Dealer era sued the group Claimed to have broken the contract and opened a factory. According to the telegram, Coca-Cola International also received a complaint alleging that the bottling plant operator had \”stolen the franchise of previous dealers \”. Bottle factory operator countersued. Then in December 28, 2005- Two weeks after the Tripoli plant was put into operation Bottle Coke batch– \”Two military vehicles without a clear identity illegally broke into the facility, requiring employees to leave the premises and close the plant,\” according to an incident description provided to the United States by a businessmanS. diplomats. The U. S. The Libyan delegation learned from other sources that the army was loyal to Mutasim Gaddafi after coca The Coke dispute was resolved and was appointed national security adviser to Libya. According to the State Department\’s telegram, Mutasim is holding a grudge against his brother because he \”took over\” the embargo — Domestic soft age In late 1990, Mutasim was exiled to Egypt for \”disobedience\” to their father. ( Another Telegram said the rumor was that Mutasim had something to do with the coup attempt. ) In the weeks after Mutasim\’s troops occupied the bottling plant, sporadic violence against Cousins continued. An altercation-affected businessman told American diplomats in the early days of the siege that the occupying forces would allow factory managers to enter the building alone or in pairs. But employees were later banned from entering the factory. According to the State Department, anonymous callers threatened three Coca-Cola companies in the coming weeks Coke employees of all Jordanian citizens have \”political problems\” and physical injuries. Complaints against the police, and later complaints against Moammar Gadhafi himself, were met with indifference. According to the cable, the Libyan leader \”refused to participate in person\” but urged the factory owner (their) The power to resolve the matter under Libyan law. Then, shortly before the factory reopened, Mutasim\’s men \”kidnapped and attacked\” a member of Mohammed Gaddafi. According to the cable, the law of \”sending a signal. Earlier in the day, one of Mohammed\’s associates reportedly called the founder of the bottling plant after hearing Mutasim\’s anger, warning him to \”leave the city immediately \”, because the Mutasim people are coming to pick him up. That night, a group of Mutasim\’s associates appeared outside his brother\’s house and began calling out Mohammed Gaddafi. When they didn\’t get a response, according to cable, the Mutasim people grabbed \”one of Muhammad\’s cousins,\” and they began to cram him into the trunk of one of their cars. The cable did not report the final fate of the cousin. About a month later. – Shortly after the bottling plant reopened- According to the telegram, two more incidents of violence involving Mutasim Gaddafi occurred. According to a witness who spoke with American diplomats, Mutasim personally \”attacked\” an unnamed cousin of Mohammed Gaddafi ( \”By his mother\”, according to the cable \”) He is a member of the Libyan Olympic Committee led by Mohammed. A day ago, Mottasim attacked another cousin of Mohammed, the Telegraph said. ( The cable did not make it clear whether any of these cousins could have been cousins who had been stuffed into the trunk of the car earlier. ) It was after these events that a U. S. The contact of the diplomatic corps compared his situation with the Godfather. The cable reported that the contact told his American interlocutor in a \”calm voice\”, although he heard the \”story\” of doing business in Libya \”, what happened to him \”never thought\” is still possible. According to the State Council, after the bottling plant resumed operation, the \”parties\” hope that the story will calm downS. Diplomats say the reconciliation between Mohammed and Mutasim Gaddafi was facilitated by their sister, Aisha, who was described in other cables as between her grumpy brothers and sisters But contacts at other embassies say Mohammed Gaddafi himself has decided to ease tensions with Mutasim by selling a stake in the Olympic committee to a third party. The U. S. The Libyan delegation said it had helped resolve the deadlock. The telegram said that since the main company involved in the operation of the Tripoli bottling plant is not an American entity, the United StatesS. Diplomats are limited in what they can do. But in order to \”protect the broad interests of a brand, the brand\’s annual sales in the United States amounted to millions of dollars. S. – US-based companiesS. Diplomats did contact influential officials in Libya to urge the settlement of the Brotherhood dispute. S. The delegation sent the \”strongly worded diplomatic note\” described in the telegram, expressing \”serious concerns about factory closures and noting the increasing risk of serious damage to the United StatesS. Investor confidence in Libya The factory reopened two days later. The State Department\’s telegram describes Coca. The cola conflict as a case study of Gaddafi\’s participation (sic) Family members directly affect the flow, speed and nature of economic activities. Family members have quarreled over personal economic interests and have rarely considered the possible impact on foreign investors or international public opinion. \”The Coca- Cable added that the cola case \”is a typical case of the power struggle that Gaddafi\’s children and other regime elites continue to define (or re-define) Their respective areas of business impact. The telegram added that, in addition to a brief mention on the website operated by Libyan dissidents, \”it is worth noting that this message is excluded from the media\” because \”all- Including foreign companies- Interested in keeping quiet as long as it seems possible to approach-term solution. \”( Editor Jim Impoco and Claudia Parsons) Thomson Reuters Copyright 2011 Click limit.