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    Cat Food: Dos and Don’ts

    Food items to be consumed on a regular basis for cats, take for example raw fish, or raw meat or raw eggs and milk can be of extreme devastation to your feline and their digestive systems. Your cat’s digestion is not that complex and different from that of us humans. The biggest contrast between cats and dogs lies in the fact that dogs are omnivores and cats are carnivores. Cat food brands sell their products keeping this phenomenon in mind.

    Make sure you keep these out of your cat’s daily intake for them to have sound digestion and no food-related health problems.

    Raw Fish or Meat: Fish is an important part of your cat’s diet, but raw fish is going to mess their dietary system. It induces in them a fatal condition and makes them prone to having spasms which can be dangerous to their health, which may result in loss of appetite and cause them discomfort. Giving cats fish on a regular basis is not advisable, as fish carry unwanted chemicals from water bodies and your cat might be ingesting these unknowingly.

    Egg: Avoid feeding them raw eggs, this one is an obvious no-no. If you want to invite food poisoning for your cat, then, by all means, feed them this. But if you really care for your cat then raw eggs is not an option you’d want to pursue. If they happen to have eaten raw eggs accidentally, look for alarming signs like tiredness and nauseousness in your cat. This can also have repercussions on your cat’s skin and coat.

    Tuna: Despite the many cartoons that have promoted tuna to be a food preference for cats, it is not at all a type of cat food to be given on a regular basis. A diet based solely on tuna fish is not enough for your cat to get the required set of nutrition it really needs. Unless you want your cat to lack the desired nourishment, don’t give them tuna as full meals. Giving it as an occasional treat is fine.

    Salt is your cat’s enemy. Do not ever add ‘salt to taste’ in your cat’s meals. It can make your cat extremely ill, cause them to lose their consciousness and dehydrate them to the core. Salt is never a part of a cat’s diet, do not try and include it either. Otherwise, your cat will have to take their ill-health with a pinch of salt.