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    Batu, Formally Called Kota Batu, is a city in East Java,Indonesia. Located about 20 km (12.4 mi) in the northwest of Malang, Batuincludes a population of about 190,000 people. Formerly a place for theDutch officers during the colonial era, Batu is currently home to a variety ofparks, attractions, and entertainment, bringing local and international touristsalike. The city is easily accessible via the railway or by street.

    If you’re traveling by road on your family trips to BatuCity, you have the option of renting a cab or taking the normal shuttle busesaround the Malang-Batu road (the Puspa Indah is one of the principal bus options toconsider). Driving on your own is not encouraged if you are not familiar withblack traffic as well as the road to Batu, that presents potential dangers (i.e.,unusually sharp turns, open valley, and landslides). That said, accidentsrarely occur and the view is quite scenic, creating your trip. If you are taking your family to Batu, don’t forget to visit thesehigh 8 family-friendly places:

    1. Coban Rondo Maze & Waterfall

    Coban Rondo is a place with a natural waterfall Tropical scenery. It is a favorite place to spend some quality familytime. Besides picnicking on the chairs and carrying selfies by the waterfall,you try ziplining in the recreational zone, or play paintball may also rent bikes and explore the region. For pleasure, play seek and hide at the maze with friends and your family!

    2. Museum Angkut

    Automobile fans would certainly find that this museum a harbor.The memorial was made in a means that would make for great photo-ops, especially with the interesting themes and wallpapers all over the museum even if you’re not really in to vehicles. You will find eight exhibition zones to watch with amazingdisplays on transport. You can shop at Pasar Apung, a replica of atraditional market.

    3. The Bagong Experience Human Body Museum

    If You Want to take your kids to someplace educational,Head down to The Bagong Adventure Human Body Museum. The museum isn’t simply an intriguing place to learn more about its capabilities and the human body; theplace offers health information and a checkup for you and yourfamily.

    4. Jawa Timur Park 2

    For People Who want everything under one roof Park 2 includes a animal park, an amusement park, and a water park all atthe exact same location. Some of the greatest attractions here include haunted house, the aquarium, and also the animal museum. It’s better if you purchase an family package, if you want to save more.


    Pick your own apples and other fruits fruit plantation! Here, find out more about the crops there and your loved ones and you get to pick fruits such as apples, oranges, dragon fruits, and guavas. You might even grab a bite to eat and picnic while pickingthe fruits.

    6. Batu Secret Zoo

    Love animals? Batu Secret Zoo has hundreds of animal speciesOn screen. Batu Secret Zoo is a large zoo featuring a vast array of animalsfrom around the Earth, and rides and play places your family members would enjoy. Thezoo is a great place to get a photo-op, particularly with its large gorillastatue inviting you at the entrance.

    7. Upside-down House

    What’s it like to be within a home that down? It’sSuper chaotic yet fun! When some people can find this location a’hassle’ because of this upside-down setup, it is a fun place marvel in the upside inside and to snap a few memorable photos. From the kitchen into the living space, youcan almost take photographs in any area of the house!

    8. Kusuma Waterpark

    It’d be a shame since it’s always shining in Indonesia To not devote out a while in the sun. family trips to Batu City is one of the very best water parks in the state, with lots of slides and pools of dimensions and different depths.


    It’s always a struggle to travel, especially Once You haveKids in tow and need to make everyone happy. Start with going to the location Where your children might love most, followed by what you need on. Try toInclude a variety of attractions on your itinerary so nobody in your familyFeels or gets bored left out. Mix outdoor and indoor activities during theDay for fun. For outdoor activities, it’s best if they’re done in theMorning or late afternoon, due to the scorching weather.