Eonet is

1to1 Personal Chat

Let your users privately chat on real time. Using Emojicons to enhance the experience. But also get notifications on your message  and online status.

Fully Customizable Layout

Each page can be set as boxed or full width. You will also be able to customize each sidebar, the header layout and the menu’s style. Your style!

Dynamic Blog

An innovative blog directory with real time technology, 3 different layouts (bullets, full, masonry). But also a dynamic sorting by name, date, category and search…

Demo Content Included

Get started within a few minutes with our pre-packed demo content. You will find all the features and pages designed for you as well as this page and the other layouts.

User Controls Area

Direct access to all your network tools in one single clickprofile, settings, friends, notifications, groups, messages… Customizable through a Drag & Drop interface

Responsive Web App

Fits any device and modern browser you may have. Eonet is designed to be used on phones, tablets or desktop displays. It also has web application features on mobiles. 

Visual Composer Builder

Bundled with the Visual Composer Drag & Drop page builder and the Ultimate Add-on. You can build any kind of layout with modern elements. Also save $54 of plugin licenses.

Facebook & Google Login

Let your members register and login easily in one click using their Facebook or Google account.  Moreover you can customize the look of your app in the signing process.

Connections Directory

A brand new directory to display each connections between your members (messages sent, common friendships, shared activities…) and completely sortable.

Members Map Directory

Display all your members around the world on a nice Google Map with real time search. You can choose the zoom, color, center from the Eonet Settings. 

Masonry & Grid Directories

Directories to display all your groups and members with custom fields, pagination and advanced filters. You can customize which data is displayed and searchable. 

Fully Customizable

Make it your way! Change any color, pick in 600 + fonts and customize any image. You will have the tools to be build a complete customized experience for your users.

Built for Speed

Eonet is built from the bottom up to be FAST. All assets (JS, CSS, images, fonts…) are optimized to be loaded as fast as possible. It is the same for the database queries.

7/7 Support

Any issue, question or idea? Get in touch with us! Our team is spread on the planet but there will be always someone to help you out 7/7. We are looking forward to helping you.

Privacy and Private Mode

Unique features again, Eonet let you control which page is private or public. You can even set up a global state for your community’s privacy. Any unlogged user will be redirected.

Personalized Dashboard

Let your user have their own dashboard. Select what widgets is available and every member can organize his own widget his way. Your users will love it!

Of course there is more!

This is just some insights, Eonet is full of unique features & we will add new ones in every update.

  • Intuitive admin panel with more than 80 options.
  • Built with HTML5 & CSS3.
  • Minified files for faster rendering. 
  • Global notifications and errors report with a brand new interface.
  • Mega Menus and Sub Menus support in the top menu.
  • SEO optimization.
  • Complete captioned documentation.
  • Cover Image support for both profiles and groups.
  • Rtmedia support to let your users create powerful galleries.
  • BuddyDrive support to create a file sharing system within BuddyPress.
  • Child theme included & support.
  • Extra footer and copyright area (up to 4 columns).
  • Can be translated in any language (.pot file included).
  • Outstanding 7/7 support in 4 languages!