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Date(s) - 03/13/2019
17:00 - 22:00


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What is the event about?

Keynote Talk:

Built environment could be seen as user interface to culture. Popular cities have their unique vibe, which has evolved over the years. They reflect their stories in different ways, and we feel those experiences differently whether we are residents or tourists.

If you could design a city from the scratch again today – how would it look? How technology, which is changing our behaviour sometimes even dramatically, can support, or enhance, the existing vibe? How do we become more sustainable without loosing the ‘joie de vivre’?

Cities are covering many industries that are facing disruptions – think about the more and more personalised and smarter mobility, pop-up services, places, events. Do people stay put, will services arrive to them in timely manner, or do we get carried around to places we need to be? Do we talk more often to the machines which could be omnipresent in various ways. Does your city have a voice? Do buildings talk to you? Is your neighbour a robot?

It’s is important to think ahead, to explore all the opportunities and then make more conscious decisions about our futures. Good design provokes emotional responses, beauty makes people happy. What is your urban vision? How do you want people to live their lives? What kind of drivers you have chosen to support the development without compromising the city’s own unique allure?

About the speaker:

Virpi Vaittinen is a human-centred strategist, futurist and advisor at Futurice. Her strengths and passions lie in figuring out new business opportunities and how to create valuable experiences. Drawing on her background in design and futures research she has helped companies in a wide range of industries to find new business opportunities in global markets and embrace new ways of seeing, thinking and doing in order to create value.

Panel Discussion:

After the Keynote Talk we’re happy to continue the discussion with our panelists. Together with our experts, we will dive deeper into what the transformation of cities actually does to their inhabitants, how it changes their ways of working, their cultural experiences, their ways around the city and how the changing urbanity asks all of us to participate to keep it a fair playground.

Be inspired by: 
Eva Lichner – Co Founder and Managing Director at 
Dr. Jessica Le Bris – Team Head Mobility, 
Greencity Experience GmbH
Johannes Stock – Global Head of Design at 
Futurice GmbH
Ricardo Brito – Service Design Lead at 
Futurice GmbH